5 Book series’ I still haven’t finished

I'm quite ashamed of this list, mostly because I'm a big advocate for seeing something through to the end, even if its quality declines. There has been many a TV series that I have stuck with, feeling some obligation to stay on the train once I have boarded. As you can imagine though, this can … Continue reading 5 Book series’ I still haven’t finished


5 Books I’ve loved reviewing this year

With 2016 nearly over I thought I'd do a special edition of my usual 5 Books post! Looking over my year of reviews, as usual with my blog, that doesn't necessarily mean the books are from 2016 but that I finally got around to reading or reviewing them this year. You can find links in … Continue reading 5 Books I’ve loved reviewing this year

5 Books for the Summer

I thought I would recommend five books to reach for on a lazy day in the sun.You may notice a distinct theme in my choices! There is something about the summer that makes me gravitate towards a love story. Sometimes heartwarming, sometimes heart wrenching but always a relaxing choice. Though if you're reading some of … Continue reading 5 Books for the Summer