YA Book Announcement

Scream At Me InBlindingColour

Sometimes you have no choice but to be heard.

Charlie barely questions her place in society, that is until, society reaches her door. On the brink of turning sixteen, she is forced to see the country as it really is and decide whether or not to fight against it. A third world war has meant a dwindling female population, the country has retracted women’s rights, placing them back into the ownership of men.

Charlie’s only hope of escaping her already planned out future is to find her voice.

Available on Amazon now! Free for Kindle Unlimited customers and free for everyone from tomorrow until Sunday!

So originally I posted this as my Wattpad novel and I quickly changed my mind. Maybe I’m too old but keeping up with Wattpad was not working for me! So I decided to publish the eBook on Kindle alongside my NA novel All I Left Behind.ย 

If you don’t know, today is International Women’s Day, which felt like the perfect day to release my novel. I was and am extremely passionate about this story and can’t wait to write its sequel!

If you happen to read it don’t forget to leave a review, it means so much to self published authors! I love getting to share my writing and I hope you’ll follow my never ending writing journey Fridays on my blog.

Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “YA Book Announcement

  1. This book sounds absolutely amazing. Is it only the Kindle version or do they have a print copy yet? I’ll gladly read it on my kindle, but I like to also purchase the hard copy of each book I finish to add it to my bookshelves. I have a serious book-buying problem. Great review, I’m checking this out for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚

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