Book Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


It would have been quite hard not to notice the buzz surrounding this book, everywhere I looked there it was being praised and loved by most. So, as you do, I decided I very much needed to read it!

Initially you get that deja vu moment where you’re pretty sure you’re about to read another regurgitation of The Hunger Games…well maybe you’d be right. However, with its fantasy world and excellent writing this novel earns its own originality.

We are presented with Mare, who possesses many of the same qualities of recent YA female heroines. I’ve got to say I do find myself longing for a slightly softer, slightly less hardened protagonist however her character fits her situation so I was able to reconcile myself with that.

At first I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get past the predictability of the storyline but as the plot develops and twists and turns emerge I found myself increasingly intrigued. I’ll admit that it was unusual to have a love square instead of the routine triangle but it added more than I thought it would to the interest of the plot.

The world in which Red Queen is set has all the markings of the typical dystopian world, with its hierarchy living in unnecessary luxury. However the addition of superhuman abilities again sets it apart from its kin.

Although perhaps not the best of its kind, I loved this book and I think that the author made it easy for you to do so. The story is fleshed out enough without being long winded as I often find in fantasy novels and the characters and plot are well thought out and written. I’m thoroughly looking forward to reading the sequel!


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