Do I really write reviews?

It seems an odd question to ponder, especially as I write reviews on this blog and have a whole page dedicated to my book reviews...yet it has been on my mind. Why? I guess because what I write doesn't necessarily constitute a review. Do I do a critical breakdown of a novel? Or do I … Continue reading Do I really write reviews?


Calling all writers!

I'd love to start a new feature on my blog, sort of a Q&A for writers, in the hope that it might be of interest or help to others. If you would like to get involved I would love to hear from you or if you know someone who might be interested then please pass … Continue reading Calling all writers!

A Poem for Dementia

When I’ve forgotten you, don’t forget me, Keep me alive, in your memories. I won’t look different, that will stay the same, But I might look at you and not remember your name. I’m still here inside, I’m just living a different life, You might think I’m gone, but parts of me survive. Time will … Continue reading A Poem for Dementia

Weekly Wrap Up 07/04/17

Welcome back to another week of mostly procrastination! I should be much, much further along by now... I'm currently still working on my mostly finished YA novel which I'm hoping to publish soon. I decided this time not to set myself a deadline because as Twenty One Pilots would say 'I do not have writer's … Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up 07/04/17

Weekly Wrap Up 31/03/17

Welcome back to another week of me rambling about my writing and other pursuits! So I started the week creating my author page on Facebook. On there you can find links to my novels, blog and Goodreads, all in one place! It was an odd feeling, advertising myself as an author, strangely I'm yet to … Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up 31/03/17

Author on Facebook and Goodreads!

So, I have this habit of thinking about something and then, well, doing it without actually finishing my thought. So while still considering whether to start a Facebook author page, I just went ahead and did it! On it I will of course be sharing and advertising my novels on Amazon as well as sharing … Continue reading Author on Facebook and Goodreads!