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Hi, I’m Sarah, and I am a literature addict, welcome! I don’t remember when my love affair first started, but I have been reading for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s books, poetry or plays, I consume literature like it’s food.

I started my blog as a way to rave, or rant (yes this happens from time to time) about literature. I write book reviews, all of which are spoiler free unless stated otherwise, and I love a good discussion and hope that people will join in with my musings. I also try to share my own writing journey, the difficulties I encounter and what helps me. Below you can find details of my own novels available on Amazon Kindle.

I hope you enjoy perusing my blog!


all-i-left-2‘All I Left Behind’

‘-I was a different person now, I wasn’t that twenty year old, escaping in the night. Yet, the moment I crossed the boundary back into town, hell, the second I crossed the bridge back into the country, those five intervening years crumbled to nothing.-‘

It’s been five years since she left. Five years since she walked out on her old life.

Now Lauren has returned home, the problem is she can’t be sure that everyone will be able to forgive her for leaving them behind. Scared to relive the memories of her former life she worked so hard to forget, Lauren, with the help of a glass of wine or two, will need to find the courage to finally face up to running away.

But will he still be waiting for her or will further obstacles stand in her way?

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Scream At Me InBlindingColour‘The Pankhurst Movement’

‘-My heart was fluttering erratically as it beat out the rhythm of the chanting voices. It was as if my own words were being spoken from somewhere deep inside me, forced out of my mouth by some unknown force.
We were one.
I wasn’t Charlie anymore.
I was all women.-‘

Sometimes you have no choice but to be heard.

Charlie barely questions her place in society, that is until, society reaches her door. On the brink of turning sixteen, she is forced to see the country as it really is and decide whether or not to fight against it. A third world war has meant a dwindling female population, the country has retracted women’s rights, placing them back into the ownership of men.

Charlie’s only hope of escaping her already planned out future is to find her voice.

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Welcometo the (1)

‘Welcome to the Twist’

‘-First they forced you to relinquish your dignity, next they stamped out your pride, before long your dreams are shattered like glass, into a million pieces beneath your feet, ground into the dirt.-‘

How much can one girl endure before she is forced to make a choice?

Poppy wants more from life but, growing up in a reinstated workhouse, she knows better than to dream. A chance meeting after a misguided choice could change everything, if only she would let it. Torn between love and security, what happens next makes her decision for her as her world inside the Twist begins to crumble.


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The Twist (4)‘Ellie: A Twist short story’

You can read the short prequel to my novel ‘Welcome to the Twist’ here on my blog – Ellie: A short story

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