My Writing Journey – Week 8

Week 8 already! Where is the time going!? I’m slightly happier this week as I actually managed to accomplish some things…some. I spent the first half of the week plucking up the courage to publish my YA novel, you would think it would be easier the second time round. It’s not. There was a little banging my head against the wall too. I decided to add an extra chapter to the novel, reading through it I realised there was something missing. I estimated about 2000 words…I ended up with 8000, of which I wrote most of in one night. I had given myself the deadline of Wednesday to coincide with International Women’s Day but as always happens, giving myself a deadline made my petulant self rebel against it. As I have always done, I proceeded to procrastinate for the majority of the time and then get it done in the eleventh hour…because that’s just how I roll. It got me through university though so it can’t be all bad!

So anyway, Scream At Me In Blinding Colour is now available and later this year I will be sitting down to the sequel. For now, I’m still debating which story to actually continue. I have two, both of which I have a plan for but I keep flitting between them. I finally decided I was going to proceed with my sci-fi novel (still not exactly sure why I’m writing a sci-fi novel but hey!). It will be my first full novel in third person which is strange as I am so accustomed to first person. Yesterday, I sat down with the intention of continuing it. I wrote about 200 words before changing my mind and swapping back to the other novel. I believe I may now have writer’s whiplash! I gave myself a good talking to and I ate a bacon sandwich and that seemed to clear my mind. Anyway I am continuing with the romance novel instead and I won’t be swayed…I hope.

I’m only at about 4000 words, I’m still finding the voice for it but I’m hoping that with my new found determination I can start to make some headway. That’s the plan anyway, I’m not being too strict with a deadline (you all know now how that turns out!) but I’m hoping to be finished with the first draft by the end of April at the latest. 

I also have another YA novel, that was actually the first book I completed, which I’m toying with releasing. It is a dark and depressing book and I love it! But it’s like my baby and I don’t want anyone calling my baby ugly! So I’m still considering what to do about that one.

I’m ashamed to say that I have been reading very little lately, I’ve sadly read a number of books back to back which I really disliked and I’m finding it more difficult than I thought I would to enjoy another. I’ve been reading The Handmaid’s Tale for an inordinate amount of time now though hopefully I will be done with it soon. I haven’t written about books in quite some time here on my blog so look out for some of those posts coming soon.

I’m not sure when this post went from talking about writing to simple rambling but I’ve enjoyed it nonetheless. The outlet is beneficial though, it stops me from rambling in my novels…at least I think it does!

Until next week happy reading and writing to all!


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