5 Books Where I’ve Wanted More

I’m sure we’ve all done it, I’m sure that there are countless, simultaneous sighs all around the world as people reach the last page of a book. When we fall in love with a novel it’s quite likely we will want to read more! But I’m not talking about books you love and can’t get over, these five books made me feel like I never actually reached the end! They say that every ending is simply a new beginning which is a lovely thought. Sure, I get it, but I still feel like some books have some explaining to do. So here’s five books where, personally, I wanted more.

1. More Than This by Patrick Ness


Upon finishing this book I went straight to the internet to find out if there was a sequel, even though I instinctively knew there wasn’t, that wasn’t the point of the book. You can’t help but want more than this (<– Ha! see what i did there?) when you read this book, however perfect the ending actually is.






2. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


Here we have a beautiful ending, perfectly encapsulating the novel as a whole. But I was far too invested by the end of this book, I felt like I didn’t just want more but I needed more!







3. The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks


I don’t even know what to say about this book…

I actually turned to the back cover just to check that there wasn’t something more!





4. The Host by Stephenie Meyer

This book shows that it doesn’t even have to be the best novel for me to want more. Having already read The Twilight Saga, I was under the assumption that The Host was going to be the first of a new series, I didn’t expect it to be a stand alone book. I couldn’t help but wonder why she set it up so perfectly for a sequel?





5. The Penultimate Truth by Philip K Dick


I could probably have chosen from a number of science fiction novels or indeed PKD novels, because so many seem to leave all their questions unanswered. This one gave me an odd mix of feelings. In some ways it felt similar to More Than This, I knew the ending wrapped everything up without actually wrapping anything up at all. However, it also felt like The Host because it seemed so well primed for a sequel.






Ever get the same feeling? What books would make your list?

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One thought on “5 Books Where I’ve Wanted More

  1. I totally agree with some of these books, especially Bunker Diary. I was annoyed, angry and agrrhh! I went it to some rant on my blog yesterday about it. I gave it 5/5 becasue it was amazing but then the ending…. I hate books where you feel like it’s unfinished.

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