Novels by me

all-i-left-2‘All I Left Behind’

It’s been five years since she left. Five years since she walked out on her old life.

Now Lauren has returned home, the problem is she can’t be sure that everyone will be able to forgive her for leaving them behind. Scared to relive the memories of her former life she worked so hard to forget, Lauren, with the help of a glass of wine or two, will need to find the courage to finally face up to running away.

But will he still be waiting for her or will further obstacles stand in her way?

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Scream At Me InBlindingColour (3)Scream At Me In Blinding Colour’

Sometimes you have no choice but to be heard.

Charlie barely questions her place in society, that is until, society reaches her door. On the brink of turning sixteen, she is forced to see the country as it really is and decide whether or not to fight against it. A third world war has meant a dwindling female population, the country has retracted women’s rights, placing them back into the ownership of men.

Charlie’s only hope of escaping her already planned out future is to find her voice.

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