Poetry – In Loving Memory

Two weetabix for breakfast, two sugars in my tea,

It is just the simplest things that you’ve passed down to me.

Some food before netball and a jumper when I’m done,

Do your best no matter what, it won’t matter if you won.

School is so important, you would always say to me,

In the end I made it through and achieved my degree.

I won’t forget my lessons, even though you think I might,

The clouds have made a blanket to keep us warm tonight.

Some sweets to go away with, two pounds for a magazine, 

A sneaky scratch card from the shop to see if we would win.

Sinatra playing loudly, you always loved a bit of swing,

We’d sing along while you showed off your epic tap dancing.

Now the music’s slowed because the sun has set for you,

But we won’t complain, we’ll carry on, just as you would do.

So switch off the light, it’s turned to night, you have gone to rest,

But I will not say goodbye, I will say goodnight, God bless.


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