Life and Writing Update

So, I’ve been pretty absent from the blogging world for a while now, in fact I’ve been pretty absent from most things lately! I’ve written before about having Ulcerative Colitis and, well, it flared once again…what joy. While waiting for treatment I retreated from anything that involved being fully awake or having a substantial amount of brain power! Happily, I have now started my scary treatment which I hate yet am thankful for (if it works!). I started my Infliximab infusions in May and will have my third in just under two weeks, if all continues to go well then I should be back to my own kind of normal soon.

Anyway, getting well again means that my brain is now functioning at an acceptable level, allowing me to write! My blog will actually be active once again and new posts shall be appearing soon. I’ve also spent the past two weeks polishing my upcoming e-book TWIST so keep an eye out for that. Here on my blog I will be publishing a short prequel story to compliment the full novel which I will go into more detail about in the near future.

A number of book reviews and discussions will be on their way soon and I’m hoping to entice some fellow writers to get involved in Q&A posts to help share the love. I’m also happy to be contacted by anyone who wishes to feature on my blog for a guest post…preferably literature related (although I’m open to cake and other such things!).

Happy reading and writing!

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