Weekly Wrap Up 07/04/17

Welcome back to another week of mostly procrastination! I should be much, much further along by now…
I’m currently still working on my mostly finished YA novel which I’m hoping to publish soon. I decided this time not to set myself a deadline because as Twenty One Pilots would say ‘I do not have writer’s block, my writer just hates the clock’. The end date I put on both my last novels made petulant me try to fight against it and I got little done. However, my attempt to trick myself in to writing by not picking a publishing date has hindered me more than I expected!

So that didn’t work…

Publication is now planned for Easter weekend and I will get it done! I have yet again rewritten the scene that was bugging me…making myself cry in the process. But I’m still not sure I’m happy with it, so my plight shall continue until I get it just right. I’ve also been considering adding another chapter which is unnecessary yet I’m probably going to do it anyway!

So, along with my novel, I will be publishing a free short story which is the original prologue to the book. It will be available on Kindle, it’s only around 3000 words but it will be completely free and act as an introduction to the novel. There’ll be a post to let you know when that is available, hopefully one day next week.

I’ve done some further designs for my book cover…this, however, has also been disappointing so far. Hopefully when the novel if properly finished it will fall into place. 

That’s about all for this week, it’s been very, very slow going. There have also been no blog posts this week but there is one coming up on Sunday!

Happy reading and writing!

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