Weekly Wrap Up 31/03/17

Welcome back to another week of me rambling about my writing and other pursuits!

So I started the week creating my author page on Facebook. On there you can find links to my novels, blog and Goodreads, all in one place! It was an odd feeling, advertising myself as an author, strangely I’m yet to really consider myself one. But we’ll pretend I am one for the sake of argument!

I started the week with every intention of writing my new novel…this isn’t exactly what I did however. After adding a couple of thousand words to my latest work, I got sidetracked as I nearly always inevitably do. I’ve mentioned before that I have a YA novel sitting and waiting for me to do something with it, well, I finally am! I spent the majority of the week on a final re-read and edit of the novel and I’m still not quite done. It’s missing something…I’m just not quite sure yet. I’m stuck on a particular chapter which I have been trying to rewrite all day. In fact it is what I was trying to do before finding a way to procrastinate, which landed me here.

The logistics of the scene is what I’m getting stuck on, if I change the scenario there are a number of obstacles in my way. The problem is that I hate coming across something in a novel that just screams PLOT DEVICE at me. All writers use them, we just learn how to insert them subtlety, without them we would have no way to propel the story line forward but currently it feels too obvious.

Once I manage to perfect this particular chapter then I will be adding the novel to my slowly growing list on Amazon. Of course, there will still be the matter of the book cover. I have a few ideas that I plan on playing around with this week, I find it quite fun yet a little frustrating. A good book cover can do wonders for visibility and it’s important to get it right for the tone of the book. Sadly, the tone of the book isn’t exactly happy so all my ideas have a distinctly macabre feeling to them..I’m trying not to put people off! This novel is YA but it has a much darker and harder aspect to it, reading through it I realised just how angry I was when I originally wrote it!

So, other than writing I baked a cake! It’s been a while. I’ve also broken my reading rule and am now reading two books simultaneously. It’s not like me at all but I’m really struggling to get through one of the novels I’m reading so I decided to read something a little lighter alongside it. It’s not that the book is bad…it’s just not grabbing me. When I finally finish it I’ll expand on that in a book review.

So that’s it for my week, hopefully by next week I’ll have a book announcement, depending on how long I spend banging my head against a wall.

Happy reading and writing!

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