Author on Facebook and Goodreads!

So, I have this habit of thinking about something and then, well, doing it without actually finishing my thought. So while still considering whether to start a Facebook author page, I just went ahead and did it! On it I will of course be sharing and advertising my novels on Amazon as well as sharing my blog.

So, uh, here is a half-hearted attempt at a call to arms! Any likes and shares would be fully and gratefully appreciated.

When I first started my blog, my desire was to remain invisible to the point where I didn’t even publish my name. Now I’m attempting to be completely visible even while being terrified of revealing myself (that’s just the kind of anxious girl I am!). Anyway, the Facebook page is now up and running along with my other social media. Click here if you would like to view it, maybe give it a like!

While I have you here, if you are indeed here and I’m not just writing to myself, I’m also now on Goodreads…finally. If you’d like to join me over there click here! I’d love to connect with the other readers out there.

Check back here tomorrow for a brand new book review (admittedly of an old book!), it’s been a while but it’s the first of two coming your way this week.

Happy reading and writing!



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