The new weekly wrap up!

So far Fridays have been reserved for my writing journey post where I catch you up on how my writing has been going that week. Well, that shall be no more…Sort of. I’ve noticed my tendency to go off on a tangent in those posts, I can’t help it, I’m selfish. I want to talk about my entire week not just the writing although most of it is writing! So now begins my weekly wrap up which shall replace my post on a Friday. 

Last week inspired this choice. If you follow my blog you will have noticed that there was no writing journey last week. I wanted to write the post however there had been next to no writing done and I only really wanted to put a bunch of things out into the universe which would miss the point of a ‘writing’ journey, hence the change.

Last week I had a hospital appointment with my gastro consultant. Now, I’ve been attending these appointments for fifteen years yet I’m still terrified of them! (You’d think I’d be used to it by now…I’m not). The hospital visit was on the Thursday and so I spent the week suffering with what I call appointment anxiety (which is just a more focused branch of my usual anxiety). When this hits I struggle to do little more than worry and eat chocolate. As it turns out I was right to be scared of the appointment, I came out of it with more medication, a bunch of tests needed and further appointments. Soon I will be starting a new medication I had hoped I would never get to but as my UC refuses to behave I have no choice.

So to this past week. My writing has been patchy, I started to get somewhere with my novel then switched to a different one. I’m having trouble focusing on one piece of work at the moment which makes me worry that I don’t care enough about the projects I’m working on to get anywhere with them. All in all I’ve only written about 4000 words this week and not all of them were the same novel. My heart just doesn’t seem to be in it, so, although I continue to write I think I still haven’t settled on the right story to get excited about.

While all this is going on, my mind is busy constructing a world which has been building for the past couple of months. Fantasy was probably my first love, both in reading and writing. The first world I created was when I was twelve, I still have the notebooks full of plans. It was a bad, over used story, full of cliches but I enjoyed creating it. Now I have the bug again, no plot, just some ideas which I’m putting to paper (including a map!). If nothing else, it is good practice. Writing doesn’t just involve the actual writing words bit, it’s also about planning, characters, settings. So I’m looking at it as flexing my creative muscles and we’ll see how it goes from there.

I am thankful this week to also be able to say I read a book. Yes, a whole book! It is not however the book I was already reading. This week I finally started my Discworld adventure (it’s only taken about a decade!), I’ve finished The Colour of Magic and tonight I’ll be moving on to The Light Fantastic. Yes this has coincided with finally creating my fantasy world…coincidence? Probably not. Anyway it feels great to be excited about reading again, sometimes switching up the genre can do a lot to help that.

The last thing I’ve been thinking about it is starting a Facebook ‘author’ page. This is something I have so far avoided because I don’t feel eligible to call myself an author, despite the fact that people are buying and reading my books! But all advice points to making one. It makes sense I guess, it will increase my visibility and in turn my novels, I thought it would also be a good place to share my blog as well! Another reason I haven’t made one is because I will be linking it to my personal Facebook profile and honestly only a very small (child size even) handful of people know about my books or my blog. It feels oddly exposing to do it, as well as the fact that, let’s be honest, no one might be interested but I guess that’s the risk we all take!

So, that’s it, my weekly wrap up will continue next week, check it out for more self indulgent ramblings. Plus, a new blog post will be up on Sunday, yes an actual proper blog post, about a book! 

Happy reading and writing!

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3 thoughts on “The new weekly wrap up!

  1. I think probably every writer has trouble focusing at times, I know I do, and probably your health worries haven’t helped.

    Re the Facebook page, I created one and it’s worked pretty well, I also link all my blog posts to my Facebook. It’s a strange feeling for sure to be ‘putting your work out there’ and I still have niggling and unsure feelings about it. It’s all a case of believing in yourself!

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    1. Its definitely something I need to work on overcoming, I guess that I need to remember that everything I write doesn’t have to be decent, I just have to keep writing! I’m glad to hear yours has worked well, it is always encouraging to hear from others who have done it thank you! Believing in myself is another thing I have to get better at! I think I’m going to try and get one up this weekend…I’ve got nothing to lose at the end of the day I suppose!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nothing to lose at all Sarah, it can only bring positives. If you want to see what i put up on my page just do a search for Jude Thompson Books. It’s easy creating a page, I used the same header as the one I have for my author blog. To be honest I’ve had more feedback from my blogs and from FB friends than I have from the author page. But you must go for it! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! 😀

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