‘All I Left Behind’ Book Announcement!


It’s been five years since she left. Five years since she walked out on her old life.

Now Lauren has returned home, the problem is she can’t be sure that everyone will be able to forgive her for leaving them behind. Scared to relive the memories of her former life she worked so hard to forget, Lauren, with the help of a glass of wine or two, will need to find the courage to finally face up to running away.

But will he still be waiting for her or will further obstacles stand in her way?


Here it is! If you’ve been following my writing journey then you’ll know I’ve published a book on Kindle! ‘All I Left Behind’ is available now! (Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers)  

Thank you for all the support along the way. This is my first novel (self published!) and I’m sure there are plenty of lessons to learn! I’ve already had to make a change…I guess I’ll learn along the way.

I was so nervous pressing publish but there was also a wonderful sense of relief to just put it out there. Even if I don’t sell a single unit I’m extremely proud of myself and I hope that any other authors out there on the same journey feel the same!

There are still things to do and mistakes to be made but for now I’m enjoying my accomplishment. I’m currently looking for free and honest reviews which is terrifying…I mean, I like it, that doesn’t mean others will! And of course I’m hoping that if anyone does pick up my novel then they leave a review on Amazon.

I’m already planning my next novel…more on that on Friday. The most important thing is how much I loved writing it and hopefully that will continue in to my next book. Even the book cover turned out to be fun to create!

So, as it’s Valentine’s day I’m sending all my lovely followers some Valentine’s love, thank you for the encouragement!



4 thoughts on “‘All I Left Behind’ Book Announcement!

  1. Congratulations Sarah! I’m really pleased for you that you took the plunge. I felt exactly the same when I published my first book on Kindle. I also feel the same as you in that it’s the writing of it that gives so much fun and pleasure, however many you sell. Great job! 🙂

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