My Writing Journey – Week 3

Expected word count – 36,000

Actual word count – 74,124

Hi! And apologies for the late post, if you’ve been keeping up with my journey then you’ll know that I had planned to post every Friday. This post is one day late and actually about three weeks early! How is that possible? I hear you ask…well! I have a very good reason for being late as I’ve only gone and finished my novel!!!! (excessive use of exclamation marks used here to show my utter astonishment!). My rough estimate for this post was 22nd/23rd of February, as I said in My Writing Journey – Week 1, I planned to write 2,000 words a day, so I’m writing this post much earlier than expected!

Things were already going well, I was sticking to my target and then, something I could only dream of happened. Monday night I couldn’t sleep so of course, I was writing, I ended up going to sleep 2 o’clock the following afternoon having written…wait for it…18,025 words! I managed to go from 24,713 to 42,738 overnight. Yes, I know, I gasped too! My best until then had been 7,000 words in one sitting, I really didn’t think it was possible that I could reach such heights. It was the kind of inspiration you hope for as a writer, I was elated, but I went to bed worried that I wouldn’t be able to get it back. I was convinced that the next day I would just spend my whole time staring at a blank page. As it turns out, the story just needed to be written, the need was so bad that I barely slept, I was so eager to get back to it.

In 4 days I managed to write just shy of 50,000 words!

I was ecstatic when I typed my last word last night and then the crushing sadness hit me, I feel like I’ve been going through withdrawal ever since. I just feel so awful that their story is over but then I remembered the editing that is still to come. Ah, editing, that double edged sword! I am dreading the mistakes and sleepy rambling but it has to be done. I can only keep my fingers crossed that the story actually makes sense and flows, I didn’t stop to read any of it in the last 16 days, I was on such a roll, I didn’t want anything to get in the way. Let’s just hope there is actually a half decent novel in there somewhere.

So, the initial writing stage is done and the rewrite is imminent but there is still so much more to do. The first hurdle, which I have so far not been able to clear, just ploughed into over and over, is the book title. If you’ve read my post What makes a good book title? then you’ll know that this is not my strong point! My working title for the novel has been Views of the Lake but it in no way advertises the novel, it’s just been a way for me to refer to it. I’m hoping that, upon my re-read, something will jump out at me but that may just be wishful thinking. As I’m planning to publish on Kindle I have put pressure on myself to think of something that will stand out to prospective readers. I’m finding it tricky so far but hopefully by next week I’ll have a few ideas to play with.

Speaking of self publishing on Kindle, I still have to work out how to go about creating my book cover. I have played about with Canva but I’m not sure whether or not it’s going to suit my ideas. If anyone can recommend any other free book designing programmes that would be great! I’m not stupid, I know that people do actually judge a book by its cover! I know I have in the past, so I need something that makes a statement and actually gives the reader an idea about the story. Hopefully next week, along with a book title, I will have some possible designs to share with you.

So, although the first draft is completed, there is still plenty of my journey to come. Including but not limited to, working out how Kindle works properly! (Yes, I know, I should probably already know this!) and hopefully contacting other book bloggers in the hope of some reviews! Stay tuned for next week when I will be able to share a blurb with you all!

Any advice is always welcome in the comments, and I hope that, if you too are currently on this journey, then everything is running smoothly for you!


5 thoughts on “My Writing Journey – Week 3

    1. This is actually a different one, the one going up on Wattpad is a novel I wrote last year and finally decided to do something! Thanks so much for reading! And Thank you I’m still not quite sure how I did it 😁


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