My Writing Journey – Week 1

Welcome everyone and anyone who reads this, to my new mini series. After some serious decision making, involving a lot of chocolate, I have made a choice about my writing and I’m hoping you’ll join me for the ride!

I write YA but it wasn’t so long ago that I spent my time writing adult contemporary romance – or chicklit if you don’t mind (which i don’t). So, although I have a number of YA novel’s that I have been touting to agents, I decided I’m ready for my writing to just be out there for (hopefully) people to enjoy! And this is where the head scratcher came in…do I self publish the YA I already have or do I return to the chicklit which I used to love to write?

Needless to say, I have chosen the latter. After much searching and deliberating and tea, I decided that my best hope, if I plan to publish on Kindle, is to write what people are reading. It was this or a psychological thriller…which believe me, would not be thrilling at all in my hands. As it happens, I have old plans and characters for just such a novel, it’s the one that still runs through my head when I’m struggling to sleep. In my head, which isn’t the best place for it, the novel is already finished. Now I just need to write it.

So, I decided to document this journey here on my blog with anyone who wishes to read it. On a Friday, every week, I shall be catching you up with my progress and every step I take on the way. Right from the writing bit all the way up to the moment I click publish (or whatever it is you do on Kindle!). Should this be a success then I hope this journal will prove helpful to others, if it should be a failure then…well…I hope the same thing. I’ll maybe just change the series to ‘What not to do on your writing journey’.

My planning stage is done and all of my characters are in place, as this is an old idea I won’t be going in to the planning stage here. I have given myself a target of 2,000 words a day (ambitious right?!). I started writing Wednesday and I’m currently at 5,595 words with today’s writing still to be done. Chances are this will slow but I’ll be keeping you up to date regardless.

This is a journey I take with great trepidation, it’s scary and might prove to be fruitless, but I’m embarking on it nonetheless. Any encouragement or advice would be more than welcome and I would love to hear from anyone who is currently on this adventure too! You can also follow me on Twitter @litaddictblog where I mostly #amwriting and will also be updating my progress.

Anyway, I should probably get on…procrastination is an old enemy of mine! Wish me luck and I hope you’ll join me on this, my writing journey.


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