Book Review: Glisten by Tricia Cerrone

triciacerrone_glisten_1400-1Glisten is the thrilling new instalment from The Black Swan Files, you can read my review of the first book of the series Glimmer here, at YALoveMag.

We catch up with Jocelyn in New York as she begins her quest to meet her family. Of course nothing could be that simple and after the corruption of Glimmer, you know it is not going to go smoothly. One of the things I loved about the first novel in the series is the protagonist’s naivety and that is what makes Glisten so enticing as we see Jocelyn in one of the busiest cities in the world. Strip away the adventure and you would still be left with an immense personal journey worth reading in itself.

Starting Glisten, I felt all the nervous anticipation that comes with reading a sequel. There is always a fear of disappointment, especially when you have become invested in characters and a storyline. After loving Glimmer, the first novel in The Black Swan Files, I am happy to say that its follow up surpassed my expectations! Just as enjoyable, thrilling and emotional as its predecessor.

In many ways, it’s unfair to compare Glisten to Glimmer, where Glimmer was suitably static, Glisten is fluid and constantly on the move. They are two very different stories as Jocelyn now ventures into the unknown. It is easy in a book series’ for an author to rinse and repeat, but Cerrone doesn’t do this, while continuing the adventure, she adds further layers and characters in order to create a story all of its own. While Glimmer had a distinctive clinical feel which slowly started to unravel and warm, Glisten is heated right from the first chapter.

What should be a confusing mash up of multiple characters is actually a complex, fleshed out ensemble who all add something to the narrative. Cerrone’s style of pulling you in emotionally to the young adult heart of the novel and then pushing you out to the far reaching influences that create the tension in the novel, is one of the reasons the story works so well.

I loved the teenage moments which managed to sit comfortably next to the more science fiction aspects of the novel. You forget when reading that the book is set in the near future because it is so well cemented in our reality, Jocelyn and her abilities never feel out of place. Cerrone makes use of multiple genres to create her adventure and they all manage to compliment each other.

Glisten had me laughing out loud and on the verge of tears, it is a hard novel to put down as the narrative is constantly pushing forward. On occasion adventures can be difficult to read because they inevitably run out of steam, however, Glisten was never in any danger of this, every chapter peels back another layer of the story and in doing so reveals more to the reader. Cerrone manages to keep you enthralled right to the very end and while doing so, builds further intrigue, cleverly constructing excitement for the next book!

If you’ve read Glimmer then I’m sure you’re already eager to start Glisten and I’m confident you will not be disappointed with this well developed sequel (I definitely wasn’t!), if you haven’t, then believe me, you really should! With all the trappings of a young adult novel but without the predictability, The Black Swan Files, is a series which is more than able to hold its own in the genre.


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