Day 1 Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week

Day 2 5 day to day fears with IBD

Day 3 Isolation and the importance of a friend

Day 4 IBD and anxiety

Day 5 -Part 1 IBD symptoms you might not know about

Day 5 – Part 2 Medication and side effects

Day 6 #IBDVisible

Day 7

So, it’s the last day of IBD awareness week and I hope I have done my own small part in raising awareness here on my blog. One of my hopes for this week is that the newly diagnosed won’t feel like they’re going in blind. When I was first diagnosed, after ignoring my symptoms for years, I felt completely lost! Being 12 and having a disease I had never heard of was scary. Back in 2002 there also wasn’t so many helpful online forums, Facebook pages, blogs and websites. Now the internet is able to connect so many people who feel isolated by this disease.

My school made very little effort to understand my disease and eventually, pretty much asked me to leave. It took me a long time to get my confidence back after that, eventually going to college where I made sure that every one of my tutors were aware of what my disease entailed. But if we can keep on raising awareness and making IBD visible then another child may not have to go in to detail about symptoms they are embarrassed about because their teacher will already know.

Although I want people to be aware of what IBD is, I also want them to understand the people with the disease. We are all different and experience our diseases in different ways. We can’t just be dismissed as having a ‘poo’ disease. There is so much more to it and I hope I’ve shown a bit of that here.

Crohn’s & Colitis UK was a great source for me when I was young and continues to be now. The above posters are from their helpful website which you can visit here. They are promoting IBD awareness all year round, not just for this week. Fighting to ensure that we have a voice. But remember you don’t have to have IBD to support what they, and so many others, are trying to do.

We all have our own journey to navigate and our own story to tell.


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