Random posts and guest blogging

Lately there have been a lot of posts I’ve wanted to write but they’re not book or writing related (or to do with cake!). So briefly I considered starting a new blog, just to cover all the useless stuff that goes on in my brain…I dismissed this idea pretty quickly, two blogs sounded like a lot of work! So, I’ve decided to introduce a monthly random post! This is purely self indulgent, just a way for me to empty my brain of some of the nonsense that rattles around in there. This blog, of course, will remain primarily a literature blog just with the odd rant, wondering or comment on something around me. Look out for my first random post later this month!

Also, I’ve lately been considering hosting a guest post once a month pertaining to books and writing. Whether it be a review I won’t be covering on my blog or maybe some writing tips I would love to hear from anyone who would like to add a post to my blog, I’m hoping to have my first one in November. I especially like discussion posts to do with literature, you can view some of my own here. You can find all my contact information here if you’re interested!


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