A Cake Update

Yes, it’s that time again, I have some cake to share with you. I’ve made a few cakes in the last couple of months, three of which I am very proud of!

So, I’ll start with my first ever first birthday cake. Now you would think that because it was for a one year old that it would take some of the stress out of it, it was unlikely he was going to judge it too harshly! However sometimes it is harder to please parents! So I wanted to make sure it was the best I could do. It is a pretty simple design, however it did take me a couple of attempts to perfect the template and actually make the cake look like a one.

On this cake are some of my favourite fondant figures I have ever made. Firstly, because they are so damn cute and secondly, because they were so simple. All three animals were made within an hour which included colouring the fondant, though I didn’t colour the black myself and I recommend you don’t either! (Yes I realise the giraffe’s eyes are a little uneven but I think it adds to his charm!)

Now the next two cakes were made for the same event, my nephew’s christening and my brother’s secret wedding! Both were very simple but I think came out really nice. The christening cake took less than hour to decorate, I really came in to it not knowing what I was going to do having spent so much time deliberating over the wedding cake! So yes the decoration mainly consists of a bear and a blanket but sometimes simplicity works.

This was also my idea for the wedding cake, just something simple…it just took a very long time to make all the flowers! They didn’t want anything too formal, the whole day was a very relaxed affair which focused mostly on the christening, but I wanted to make sure it was still elegant.

So there you have it, there probably won’t be any more cake for a while so I hoped you enjoyed my favourite ones! Normal book blogging will resume this week.


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