World Mental Health Day 2016

Today is World Mental Health Day. I had planned to write a post for today, however looking back at the post I wrote for Mental Health Awareness Week last year, I realised that I would only be repeating myself. The importance of this day and every day, is to raise awareness, to continue to battle the stigma, to give a voice to those suffering in silence. My own mental health is debilitating, but I am just one of so many people out there that need people to listen.
It is sad that any illness needs an awareness day. At what point will people finally be aware and understanding enough that it just becomes a part of life? It is inspiring on a day like this to see so many brave people sharing their stories and I hope that people who weren’t able to, have been encouraged to do so in the future. 

You can read my original post here.

I have a mental illness and I have a chronic disease. Both are invisible, both are debilitating, both are misunderstood. Stand up for yourself, stand up for those around you, stand up for all those people suffering, even if you can’t see it.


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