A Wonderland Cake!

So, I said I would be making a book related cake…and I did! Though technically it is a Disney cake inspired by a book!

It was my sister’s 30th birthday so I wanted something a bit different and she wanted a birthday that made her feel young! So, as she’s a big fan of Alice in Wonderland I decided to go with that. How hard could it be I said…ha! I’m not sure I’ll be doing I again. One of the problems with making fondant figures like this is that they are such recognisable images that everyone notices if they don’t look quite right.

Here’s who I chose to make…

The edges are quite rough and the white rabbit ended up with some green buttercream in his eye 😂 but in the end I was fairly happy with the result. I dont usually use cocktail sticks in my figures however, both the rabbit and the caterpillar have them so that their heads would stop falling off!

What is great about an Alice in Wonderland cake is that anything goes! Both of the cakes are not flat but I left them a little wonky! Also it’s all off centre! You can be as random as you like…randomness is kind of the theme! 

We’re not cutting the cake until tonight but I can’t wait because the top layer is a milkshake cake 😀 I CANNOT WAIT TO EAT IT! 

Anyway  here’s a picture of how it all came together. It went down a storm and my sister loved it!


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