Voting is my Right

Today I voted in the United Kingdom’s EU referendum. A right I have because people of my gender and social class fought for it. This is something I never forget and is one of the reasons I vote whenever the opportunity presents itself. I was proud to make my opinion heard, even if it was only one ballot paper out of millions.

I voted to remain within in the EU and am not ashamed of my choice. I made a decision based on my own beliefs and I can only hope that others have done the same, rather than be swayed by opinions that are not theirs.

The campaign that has played out for the majority of this year has scared me, I’ll be honest. The hate garnered on both sides has forced me to worry about our country’s future regardless of the outcome today. Social media seemed to be full of insults, arguments and accusations.

I am of the belief that the UK should stay within the EU, not just for the obvious benefits that some people might not see but also because I believe that to leave, would isolate us from our neighbours. The slogan ‘make Britain great again’ and the idea that we should have our ‘independence day’ all sounds very romantic. But I don’t agree. We do not lose our identity by being a part of the EU. Do people lose who they are by having friends? Just as Wales is united with the other countries in our kingdom, why can’t we be united with the countries in the EU?

Perhaps our country will strive if we choose to leave the EU today. But I’m not willing to risk those who won’t survive in the aftermath.

I am deeply saddened by the lengths people have gone to, hate only breeds more hate. I may disagree with those who vote to leave but I won’t insult or belittle them for their choice.

Whatever the outcome, I hope that everyone in the UK, who is able, has taken advantage of our right to vote. We have it for a reason.


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