Mother’s in Fiction

So as it’s Mother’s day here’s just a little shout out to some of my favourite literary mothers!

1. Molly Weasley

Okay so this one is a little obvious for a HP fan! But how can you not talk about mothers in fiction without immediately thinking of Molly Weasley. She probably has one of the biggest hearts of any of the characters in HP and it shines through in her parenting. Not only is she loving but she’s fierce! I wouldn’t want to cross her! Yes she dotes on her children but she also gives out to them when needed! Only a special kind of woman can raise twins like Fred and George and not loose her mind.

2. Mrs Bennet

Mrs Bennet is a constant source of entertainment for me whenever I read Pride and Prejudice (which is often!). Like Molly Weasley, she is a fierce character. Fierce in her determination to see her daughter’s married well. Even though at times it’s hard to remain on her side, especially when it comes to her attitude towards Lizzy but who can really blame her? She is a woman aware of the hardships of women and she will do whatever she can to ensure that her daughter’s are well looked after even if it does often play on her dreadful nerves!

3. Elizabeth Egan

If you don’t know, Elizabeth Egan is the protagonist in Cecelia Ahern’s If You Could See Me Now (If you haven’t read this book then go, now, read it!). So technically she is not actually a mother…she’s an auntie, but having forced to be a mother to her sister she is now a surrogate mother to her nephew. I’ll be honest she’s not the most endearing character in the beginning but the reason I chose her is because she is making the best of a difficult situation, she is not a natural mother but she learns to be what her nephew needs (with a little help from a friend). It’s important I think to remember on mother’s day that although someone might not have given birth to a child that doesn’t stop them being capable of being just as good of a mother.

Who are your favourite mother’s in fiction? Did any of them make my list?


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