Gone Girl: Book to Film Adaptation

Now, I was quite obvious about my opinion of Gone Girl in my book review last year…I loved it! And I’m not going to gush about it again now don’t worry! I’ve also made it quite clear that I’m not a huge fan of adaptations even though I always feel the need to watch them anyway! So here’s my opinion of Gone Girl – the film.

In terms of plot this particular adaptation is very faithful to its original source and so I shouldn’t have any reason to complain…right?

I guess my problems with it (and they’re not big problems really) come from being an avid reader and lover of books. The film lacked the same depth. This is quite often my complaint, of course I understand that with a complicated plot there is less room for fleshing out the characters however if I had only seen the film I’m not sure I would have fully appreciated the genius of the story. Now this isn’t a criticism of the cast, I think they portrayed the story well and I was pleasantly surprised with Ben Affleck’s performance. But the book is the only way you understand the true nature of the characters. Especially Amy, who has to be one of my favourite characters ever, but who I feel is underplayed in the film and so lacks her real brilliance.

It takes a lot for an adaptation to satisfy me but I think that Gone Girl JUST meets the mark. I will say that I do like the fact that when reading I can self censor a little so I’ll warn you that the film is slightly more graphic in places. Ignoring my minor criticisms though, I think that the film was very well done and able to maintain the intrigue and mystery that is so integral to the book. It is well worth watching (even if it is a bit long) but if you love books like me then if you haven’t already done so I urge you to read the novel as well!


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