Book Review: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart


This novel came highly recommended. It won the YA good reads choice awards 2014 and according to the review on the back cover ‘Lockhart has created a mystery with an ending most readers won’t see coming’. Well I saw it coming, in fact this was one of the least mysterious books I have ever read. If you loved this novel and are expecting to read a glowing review…you won’t get it here.

The protagonist of this story is probably one of the least likeable and unrelatable characters I have ever come across.  The setting, on a private, family owned island is as far away from my reality as you could get. And the petty worries of this family made them extremely obnoxious.

The writing is not bad, the actual construction of the novel is bearable but the actual storyline left a lot to be desired. It isn’t a long book anyway, but I forced myself to read it twice as fast as I usually would have just to get it over with.

I don’t mind a predictable book, let’s be honest highly original novels are getting harder to come by, it’s all about the journey to get there. The characters were superficial at best and when I did eventually arrive at the big reveal which I had already seen coming I was beyond disappointed. I felt that the plot was not very well thought out and the twist was completely unwarranted.

Its a light read and easy to get through but I wouldn’t rush to bump it up your reading list. I never like to be unfair with a review and from what I can tell it was a very popular book…it just definitely wasn’t for me.


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