Writing the blues…

So it seems I write the blues. I’d sing it if I could (but I can’t sing!). Anyone else find an overriding emotion in their writing? I don’t mean for it to happen but like most writers, I write what I know. I’ll let you in to a secret…I don’t like happy endings! I’m always disappointed when someone doesn’t get one but secretly I revel in it because life isn’t full of happy endings. I’m not saying that everyone should die at the end or anything! In fact I want them to find happiness, but I don’t want it all wrapped up in a nice bow because life is more complicated than that. A book is usually a winner for me if it can make me cry and some of my favourite books have left me sobbing for days!

A big part of why I write is to express myself and my emotions inevitably seep into everything I write. People have often commented on how depressing my stories are…even my teachers. I write at my best when I’m sad, lonely, angry…well you get the point and negativity spreads through my writing like a virus and try as I might I can’t stop it. Its like in order to shake off these feelings I have to transfer them into something else…my characters. Sometimes I even play certain music that will bring me down so that I can write. Sounds a bit twisted right? Surely I shouldn’t have to tap into those emotions to write. It doesn’t seem right to me and yet the happier I feel the harder I find it to write or at least write anything worthwhile.

So I write the blues and the truth is that I enjoy it! It’s oddly therapeutic for me to write other people feeling the emotions that are plaguing me.

Anyone else enjoy a sad ending?


7 thoughts on “Writing the blues…

  1. I think any emotion outside of “the norm” makes my writing better. If I’m down, excited, angry, or just in a really sarcastic or silly mood then I tend to really get into my work more. But when there’s nothing really wrong, or nothing to get “emotional” over, it makes it tough.

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  2. With my most recent project (which I am currently editing. *sigh*), I find anger and frustration to be the dominating emotion, which is really interesting to me because while I had intended for the character to be unhappy, I hadn’t set out for her to be feeling a particular sort of unhappiness. This past year was a really tough one for me and I found myself to be very angry a lot of the time, and I think I subconsciously put that into my writing. However, I think it’s really useful. I agree with you that when I’m happy, my writing usually isn’t at the same level. It’s just not as good for some reason. So I don’t mind if some angry, subconscious part of my brain takes over when I’m writing because it makes my writing GOOD. I can see how this would be a problem if the same emotion (such as the blues) was coming out CONSTANTLY and for different projects, but I wouldn’t sweat it too much if it works in the context of what you’re writing. 🙂

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  3. And to answer your question, I enjoy all kinds of endings, but my favourite and least favourite ending at the same time was the ending of The Fault in Our Stars. I felt so whole and complete and satisfied after finishing it but I literally couldn’t think about it without crying for a month after finishing it.

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