Why I love Harry Potter: Part 3 – Excellent Planning

Read Part one and two as well!

I can only dream of writing a seven book series with the attention to detail that Rowling has! Every time a new book was released I would reread the whole series, firstly because I just love it! And secondly because you never knew when something or someone would suddenly become relevant in a future book.

Nothing happens by accident in Harry Potter. Rowling has thought out every character, every moment, every object that she introduces. Only immense and dedicated planning could achieve this and Rowling is a master at it.

Don’t you just hate it in books (or TV and film for that matter) when things or people appear out of the blue and yet are integral to carrying the plot? Why wasn’t it found earlier? Why haven’t we met this character earlier if they are so important? This never happens in Harry Potter, everything seems to have been written for a reason. I love that Cedric and Cho were introduced before they became major parts of the storyline. I like that dotty old Mrs Figg, who always seems to be part of the background when Harry is at the Dursleys, plays a real role in the fifth book.

One of my biggest problems with the films (and there are many) is that it lacks the same attention to detail.

Most of the fifth book would not have been possible without the Room of Requirement but it doesn’t suddenly appear in book five instead it is briefly mentioned in book four. Harry discovers the chamber in book two because he can talk to snakes but his ability to speak parseltongue appears in book one. Both of the cabinets in book six appear in earlier books, most notably in book two when Harry hides in one of them in Borgin and Burkes. My favourite early mention of an important object though has to be the diadem! No matter how many times I read the sixth book, when Harry marks the place of his potions book with the diadem I always find myself silently screaming at him ‘the diadem is a horcrux! Take it Harry it will save a lot of time in the last book!!!’ (Of course he never does :-P).

I could continue to list moments like this but it would be a much longer post! I just can’t help but admire the shear magnitude of planning that went into these books… And well, it sure did pay off!

Stay tuned for Part four: The Weasleys…


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