5 Books with Great Male Characters


I’ve chosen this month to pick my top five male characters. Honestly this was harder than expected…not because there was too many but because I realised I read a lot of female centered books! The easiest way to do this list would have been to list my top five male characters from Harry Potter however I have been good and only chosen one male from the series.


1. Severus Snape from Harry Potter

I think that many people would agree that Snape has to be one of the most complex characters in the book series. I’m actually not going to say much else about him as there will be an upcoming post dedicated to this particular character. What I will say though is that Snape is only one of many that I could have chosen from this series.

2. Peter Pan from Peter Pan

If you caught my book review yesterday then you may already know why Peter makes my top five. Much like Snape, Peter is very complex but also a very lonely and lost character. Is it wrong of me to wish that Peter could grow up? But maybe that would defeat the point of the book. What I like the most about Peter is his naivety, at times it made me laugh at others it made me sad, which ever emotion I was feeling (there were quite a few) what I really wanted to do is adopt him and save him (yes save) from The Never Land.

3. Edward Cullen from Twilight

Ok yes I am Team Edward and yes this may be an obvious one for a Twilight fan but I could not have made this list and left him out! If you’ve read my review over at YA Love Magazine (which I highly recommend you do!) then you’ll know my opinion of Edward, that he is made to be the perfect boyfriend! If you forget about the obvious over-obsessed, stalkery and jealous behavior! I really don’t like Bella like I really don’t! Partly because of the way she treats Edward throughout the series, personally I don’t understand why there was even a chance of her picking Jacob!

4. Theodore Laurence from Little Women

Oh I love Laurie, strangely in a book about women I think Laurie is my favourite character! His mischievous, emotional, head strong and honourable (much like Jo!). I kind of wish we knew a little more about his past but that doesn’t take away from his character in the book. I’ll be honest I am dead set against the ending of this book but Laurie tried his best, it made me want to cry as he fell apart after Jo’s refusal. It was disappointing to see him end up with, for me, the wrong sister.

5. Noah Calhoun from The Notebook

I think that Noah is the perfect counterpart to Allie. His dedication to love throughout the novel makes him one of the most romantic male characters that I have come across. No matter what is thrown at him Noah stays strong and in love. I also love his passion, although it may not be as explosive as Allie’s, it is still all consuming and it places you squarely on his side throughout the novel.

Do you agree with any of my choices? I’d love to hear who would have made your list!

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3 thoughts on “5 Books with Great Male Characters

  1. Snape has always been the reason why I return to Harry Potter every now and then. I won’t consider myself a huge fan of the franchise, but I would certainly call myself a Snape fanatic.

    Peter Pan is another favorite of mine. Sorry, not familiar with the others.

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