How I Write…

One thing I enjoy just as much as reading is writing! I’ve already shared with you Why I Write so now I’ll share how I write and what helps me…

1. Write

So this might seem an obvious one and probably if you ask most writers they will tell you that if you want to be a writer then you just have to keep writing! But it’s an important one. I don’t think I would get anything done if I stopped writing every time I got a bit of a block. Sometimes I’ll switch to something else like writing a poem or a blog post instead of a story but I never go more than two days without writing something (although I do try not to go a day). Even if what I’m writing is rubbish and I know its going to need a lot of editing I still get it down on paper or keep typing. Practice makes perfect…or better anyway!

2. Read

I’m not sure I ever would have started writing if I wasn’t an avid reader. It seems to me that studying your craft through reading is always going to be the best way to improve. I have always gotten so much inspiration from other writers not so much from the way they write but the emotion they evoke with their writing. I read as much as I can and it always helps.

3. Plan

I am not a planner I don’t think I’ve ever completed a Uni essay with a plan in place! And when I was younger I was the same with my writing. I always just let it flow, I would have the bones of a story in my head and I would just go with it. But it wouldn’t be long before I would stumble. Yes I had the idea, I had the beginning and the end but I would inevitably get lost in the middle. Without a plan I lost sight of how my stories would evolve and progress, it all becomes a bit pointless if you don’t have a middle. So now I plan and plan again. I try to map out my chapters, they’re not detailed plans by any means and I stray from them often! Half way through one of my stories I changed my plan completely and had to even change the ending to my story however I still wrote a new plan. When I write I don’t tend to write in order! But with a plan I know exactly where everything fits in.

4. Get to know my characters

There is nothing more important to me than knowing my characters because how can I expect anyone else to get to know them if I don’t know them myself. I know every little detail of my characters even their favourite food! I think its the only real way to make them believable, to make them genuine. I need to know what my character’s reaction would be to any given situation in order to really write them honestly.

5. Music

Yes music! I listen to different music depending on what I’m writing because I use music to set my mood. I have whole playlists dedicated to particular stories or characters or certain events I’m writing about. Even with stories I have finished and set aside, if I listen to certain songs now I’ll find my self running through that story again in my head. Sometimes when I’m struggling I’ll use music to get in the right mind set.

So this is how I write! This is how I get my inspiration and how I keep going.

How do you write?


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