Why I love Harry Potter: Part 2 – Hogwarts

Read Part 1 here!

I read Harry Potter when I was young, I remember GOF coming out when I was in my last year of primary school! When I went to high school I didn’t have the best time, being ill during my pivotal teenage years was not fun I can tell you. So escaping into a Harry Potter book always cheered me up. Problem was all it made me want to do is go to Hogwarts. I blame J. K. Rowling for creating such an enchanting school!

I’ve always been a big fan of the classic boarding school novels. When I was little I couldn’t think of anything better than packing a lacrosse stick and joining Darrell at Malory Towers! I still can’t explain what it is about boarding schools but I always wished I had have the chance to go to one.

Hogwarts though just has to top every boarding school there is! I mean come on who didn’t wish that one day their Hogwarts letter might come through the door! I don’t think i would even care what house i was sorted unto (even Slytherin). I love the fact that the castle has a life of its own, moving staircases, talking portraits, house ghosts and hidden passageways. Who wouldn’t want to while away their childhood exploring the mysteries and grounds in this spectacular addition to literary settings.

…it just so happens


I’ve just made some HP cupcakes so here’s a pic to end my post!

‘Oh I would never dream of assuming I know all Hogwarts’ secrets’
                            – Albus Dumbledore


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