A little about me: Musicals


Here’s my next installment all about me!
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Since I was a little kid I have loved the theatre and musicals! It started with Disney which I would watch again and again and to this day I still know all the words! I started going to the theatre to see musicals when I was quite young maybe 7 or 8 my granny would take us to see local productions of Annie, Oliver, carousel etc.

I don’t know what it is about musicals but I can’t get enough of them…they make me cry, laugh, sing!

As I got older I started watching the touring London shows Chicago, West Side Story, Hairspray and this year The Lion King. In my 18th birthday I was taken to see my first show in London! We went to see Wicked and is was just amazing, everything from the set to the costumes and the music. It was spectacular, I’ve seen it again since on the tour and it was still as great.

In recent years I’ve also started to see the Ballet. I was never sure if I would enjoy it what with the lack of singing! But it was beautiful the way they tell a whole story through dance…it just doesn’t need words.

Up until a month ago however there was one musical I was desperate to tick off my bucket list and finally I got the chance…


We travelled up to London and finally I got the chance to see this amazing show. Les Mesirables is spectacular! It is my favourite musical bar none! It was breathtaking, I’ll admit I cried all the way through it! I hope that if any of you haven’t seen it before and you get the chance then you go! (And take me with me you!) I’m already planning to go again next year!

So there you have it, just a little bit more about me!


6 thoughts on “A little about me: Musicals

  1. Les Miz has always been one of my favorites, along with Wicked! If you love musicals, you can always read my opinion pieces on my blog; your opinions on my writeups are surely most welcome!


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