Book Review: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

IMG_20150322_220017873Perhaps it is sexist of me (I really don’t mean to be I promise!) however it amazes me how a male author can write such a beautiful love story! Maybe it is because the majority of the romance novels that I read are written by women. Whatever the reason, I congratulate Nicholas Sparks on his ability to make me fall in love instantly with a fictional relationship!

The novel is written in first person by the protagonist John Tyree. There is something intriguing to me about a male protagonist in a love story, I guess it’s a side I don’t usually see. I love the vulnerability in Sparks’ male characters, even in Dear John where we are presented with what could be a stereotypical macho character.

What I would consider to be Sparks’ greatest triumph with this novel is his handling of John’s father. It is honestly and beautifully done and for me, in some ways, John’s relationship with his father overrode John’s relationship with Savannah. Sparks ability to tell a story within a story especially through his portrayal of character relationships is wonderful to read.

My biggest issue with Sparks’ books is the way he manages to make my heart ache! I always read one of his novels with a box of tissues close to hand. It is difficult sometimes to even enjoy his books because of his unashamed handling of human weaknesses.

What begins as a summer romance develops into a mature relationship in which choices have to be made. Real choices that affect far more than just a love story. This novel built me up, broke me down and built me up again. I give it 9/10, it is the best of Sparks’ books that I have read…so far! I was unable to put it down once I started reading (except of course to refresh my tissues).

‘When a person sets a thing in motion, there’s a feeling of unease, almost regret, until you learn the truth.’

Nicholas Sparks


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

  1. i absolutely loved the book. Made me cry a lot after a Walk to Remember of course. Read it long time back finding the book accidentally in my college library. Ended up being read by 3 of my PG mates haha. They also fell in love with the book.

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  2. This is one of my favorite of Nicholas Sparks’ books! I adore the whole idea of the book, especially the letter writing portion. I also love that you wrote what I’ve often thought–it’s amazing that a male author can write such flowery, emotional stories that appeal to women so strongly!

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