The Fault in our Stars: Book to Film Adaptation

Having recently read, reviewed and loved The Fault in our Stars I was looking forward to watching the film. I made sure that I was emotionally stable (because the book ruined me!), I got my tissues ready and sat down to enjoy the film. Sadly the film fell very short of the mark for me. Yes I am extremely sceptical of book to film adaptations however I do try to withhold judgement until I have given a film a decent try.

Now the truth is there is little for me to criticise about this film. I thought the casting was extremely well thought out, in particular the casting of Shailene Woodley as Hazel Grace. The chemistry between Hazel and Augustus felt true to the novel and in many ways the film did not deviate in the way I had expected. This is by no means a negative review! I delighted in the film, although as always there are moments in the novel that I would have liked to have seen in the film but I am aware of the obvious restrictions for film makers.

I guess my grievance with the film is a simple one…it didn’t make me cry. Perhaps that is unfair, it is not so much that it didn’t make me weep like a baby as the book did! I just did not have the same feeling or connection with the film. Had I watched the film first I don’t think it would have persuaded me to then read the novel. The film for me didn’t capture the emphasis on life and living in the way that the book did.

I was left a little under whelmed with the whole thing. The main reason I enjoyed the film was purely because I was already so invested in the story of Hazel Grace.


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