Book Review: The Gift by Cecelia Ahern

IMG_20150322_215856280I love being a part of the magic Cecelia Ahern creates. The Gift is my favourite of her novels. It tells the story of Lou Suffern who in essence does not have enough time on his hands. His world changes when a homeless man, Gabe, enters his life.

This book is a Christmas story which I read at Christmas! There are obvious allusions to A Christmas Carol and It’s a Wonderful Life however these types of stories, for me, can not be over done. The essence of these stories is the importance of life, of living for others rather than just ourselves.

Time is the most important aspect of the book and for many people the lack of time is the major influence of their lives. How many of us can truly say that we wouldn’t wish for more hours in the day? How do we balance our lives between work and family? Cecelia Ahern navigates these concerns with her usual magical touch.

For me the character of Lou was un-likeable, in the same way that most consider Scrooge to be un-likeable! However as the novel unfolds Lou becomes a character who many are able to identify with. A character who is stuck between work and family life and who does not always make the right decision.

I urge you to read this book! If you never pick up another novel by Cecelia Ahern I hope you will pick up this one. I will probably repeat myself a lot when reviewing Ahern’s books but it just can not be said enough, HER BOOKS ARE MAGIC! They delve into the aspects of life that people don’t wish to admit to, they identify selfishness and self worth. They portray real relationships in a way that other books in this genre do not. She does not write romances, even though that may be what you assume she does (especially as she is mostly recognised as being the writer of P.S. I Love You). She writes truthful portrayals of friendship, family and relationships. This book is no exception it takes on a myriad of everyday concerns but addresses them in a way that is unique to her writing.

This book I give 10/10 (which is extremely rare for me!). I give it this not just because of her skill of writing or her ability to tell a well read story in such a new way. But because of her genuine ability to touch hearts with her storytelling. Perhaps this is soppy (I don’t care!) I fell in love with this book and I hope others do too!

‘Time can’t be given. But it can be shared’

– Cecelia Ahern


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