A quick post…

It’s been a busy week this week and my blog posts have been a little scarce!

Firstly I had to make another cake…



This Deadpool and Captain America cake was for my brothers 30th! It was great fun to make, quite a simple one (except for a slight cake fail meaning I had to make another red layer…but we’ll pretend that didn’t happen) but it went down very well!

Secondly I had an assignment to write for my children’s literature course…


I left it all a little last minute and had to read Junk, Mortal Engines and all of the material this week as well as write the essay! For once though I managed to write an essay I was actually happy with…this is rare! I’m a bit sad because this is my last assignment for the course (except the great big all important one that decides my fate!) But I have absolutely loved every bit of it.

Anyway I’m hard at work today getting some blogging done including reviews for The Gift and Dear John.

So keep a look out for my upcoming posts over the next week…


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