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A little about me: Drawing

Here’s my next instalment all about me! (You can read my last one about cakes here)

I make absolutely no claim to being an artist! However I do love to draw, I always wish that I had learnt properly. Even in school I was too ill to attend many art classes so I was taught very little. It doesn’t stop me though! I doodle, copy drawings and have made a few attempts at faces…but I’m still learning. I find drawing has become a coping mechanism, the same as writing. Although of course I enjoy it it helps me to express and distract myself.

I thought I would share a couple of my sketches (Some aren‘t very good quality because the picture was taken on my phone!). Some I have already used on my blog but here’s some more, I hope you like them…

Ian Somerhalder
Me to You
My Nephew
Me to You
Me to You




Copy of The Fray album art



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