Book review: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte


A love story like no other (at least that I have read). I’ve always enjoyed a love story, reveling in the romance, the chase, sometimes the devastation. I knew very little about Wuthering Heights before I read it only that it was a love story and a classic.

This book is no fairy tale. It is brutally honest and heartbreakingly cruel. A huge part of me wanted to enjoy this book, but it is full of anger and hatred…yet I loved it. My heart actually ached when I read it. I am so used to reading the classics, I love a good period romance however this novel was not scared to show the harsh realities of love, unlike other classics I have read that shy away from it.

Very rarely do I read a book where I hate the female protagonist, but this one broke the mould for me. Really I should have hated Heathcliff, he turns into a revolting character…but I don’t. He was made into what he was by those around him. Especially Cathy. Cathy is a selfish and spoilt child, even when she grows up. Yet I was still vying for them both, right until the bitter end.

Emily Bronte has written a truthful, violently passionate story that has more than earned its classic status. I give this one 7/10, only a 7 because for me it is a difficult book to enjoy and fall in love with (though I think just about managed it). I do not recommend it to anyone who is expecting a frolic out on the moors!

‘ Proud people breed sad sorrows for themselves’
Emily Bronte


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