As a child I read many Terry Pratchett books, The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, Johnny and the Bomb, Diggers, etc. (and always played the Discworld game). However as an adult I have still only ever read Good Omens which he wrote with Neil Gaiman.

My mum is a huge fan of his, she owns every one of his books and has read them countless times. She has always tried to get me to read them but for one reason or another I just never got in to them.

After the very sad news of Terry Pratchett’s death I have decided to venture into the Discworld universe. It is rare that I read a book that actually makes me laugh out loud however my experience with his children’s books gives me hope that finally I will find a truly funny book series.

I’m sure I will keep you updated as I go! Its unlikely that I will review them all as there are just so many! But I will make sure to share my thoughts as I read.


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