To lend or not to lend?

That is the question. A question all book lovers must answer at some point. People often ask if they can borrow one of my books. I then have the awkward moment where I have to lay out the rules…

  1. Make sure your hands are clean
  2. Don’t bend the spine
  3. No eating or drinking around it
  4. Never fold down the pages…Use a bookmark!
  5. Don’t leave the book open facing down
  6. Don’t take it in the bath
  7. Don’t leave it lying around especially with a child or animal around
  8. Don’t under any circumstance write or draw on it (Not that that’s likely)
  9. Don’t lend it out to anyone else
  10. Don’t leave it in the bed when you go to sleep

Okay I’ll hold my hands up, this may be slightly excessive! However it does deter people wanting to borrow anything. Mostly now I won’t lend anyone a book (unless it is one of my more worn books). On my shelves I can point out to you every book I have ever lent out because there is always inevitably marks on the spine (especially if my mum borrows it). When I watch someone open their book for the first book and immediately break the spine it causes my heart to stutter just for a moment!

I don’t mean to be so obsessive about my books I really don’t. I just can’t stop myself, they’re mine and I take pride in them you wouldn’t find anyone damaging any of their other possessions so why do it to books? If you want to do it to your own books that’s fine but don’t do it to mine.

The reason though that I annoy myself is that I really, really want to lend my books out, especially if I have just read a great book, I want others to enjoy it too. I want to share my love of literature with others…just not my books.

Maybe I’m just weird but I kind of hope not…

What is your answer to the question? Are you happy to lend out your books?


3 thoughts on “To lend or not to lend?

  1. I love your rules! haha But as for me I am one of those people who actually don’t lend my books. If my rules are long like yours then it’s usually a sign to not just lend your books; however you may be nicer than me. 😉 I don’t like lending mine because I’ve had experiences where I got my things back but not in the condition that they were before. I usually tell people to just borrow the book from the library.


    1. I just hate saying no! I always hope my rules make it obvious that I don’t really want to lend out anything…sending them to the library is a good idea! Maybe I’ll try that next time, I’m just glad someone else doesn’t like lending out their things and its not just me 🙂


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