Introducing – Why I love Harry Potter

Calling all Harry Potter lovers out there!

This is a little introduction to my Harry Potter series. I know I am not alone in loving Harry Potter! And I’ve decided to do a series of posts to celebrate what is so great about them and why I read them again and again.

I was actually bought the second book first! I think I was about 8, it took me a while to start it but as soon as I realised it was the second book I stopped reading and demanded someone buy me the first! (demanding didn’t work…I didn’t get the first one until I was 9).

I fell in love with it instantly and thankfully the second one was sitting there ready for me to devour. There are endless reasons why I love (I wonder how many times I can get ‘love’ into this review!) Harry Potter, too many to fit in to one post. So I will be dedicating whole posts to what exactly I think makes Harry Potter such an enduring book series, from characters to magical creatures to overarching themes.

I hope you will enjoy my future ramblings, sharing everything that I think is so great about Harry Potter and I hope you will share with me what it is you love about them too!

So stay tuned for all things HP…

‘Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light’

– Albus Dumbledore


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