A little about me: Cakes

Obviously I am a big fan of books, writing and anything literary! But I thought every month I could share with everyone a little more about me.


I have enjoyed baking cakes for years, however last year I took a tentative step into decorating too. I started with quite a simple cake and cut some corners by using shop bought flowers! This cake was for my auntie who loves horses! So I created a little fondant horse (at least it started off little!) and created grass with butter cream…


The main reason that I decided to try decorating was because my nephew loves Minecraft and a shop bought cake wasn’t an option. So after a little practice I managed to create this



Luckily the blocky shape of everything in Minecraft made the fondant figures a lot easier. I made a brownie instead of a sponge as it gave me a better surface for the design. I chose homemade fudge for the grass (which I of course coloured green) biscuits for the sand and blue jelly made with cream soda for the sea…it was a big hit all around.

Since then I have created a number of cakes for family, friends and friends of friends! I search through a lot of cake pictures and you tube videos for hints, tips and inspiration for my cakes. I do still stress myself out a lot while trying to make them as perfect as possible! But I really love doing it and the satisfaction you get when others love them is a little addictive!

So I will leave you now with a couple of pictures of some of my other cakes…

Monster High
Olaf – Frozen
Me to You
Peppa Pig
Stewie – Family Guy

‘Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow’

– Shakespeare


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